What are the Dimensions of a King Size Mattress and all other Sizes of Bed?

When choosing a bed mattress we take care of a lot of different factors.

We make sure the bed is comfortable, soft and is made of the best material.

But while looking into such a crowded list we tend to forget an important aspect known as the size.

We wouldn’t want to get a mattress that doesn’t match our beds as there have been several instances where people have booked beds online and have had them returned solely because the wrong size was ordered.

Hence considering the size of a mattress before a purchase is important.

But what are the different types of bed sizes? How do they differ from each other? And what size suits a person the best?

All these are questions that come to our minds when we are looking into a mattress size and this article will try and explain about the various mattress sizes and some useful tips about them.

The Kind Size beds are a very common bed size and also one of the largest.

These beds are 78 inches wide and 80 inches long or measure 198 CM in breadth and 208 CM in length.

This type of bed generally suits people who want a lot of personal space when sleeping together.

They are similar to two twin sized beds attached together and the fact that it is around 200 CM in length makes it comfortable for people close to the 6 ft mark.

They are also known as the Eastern King Size mattresses.

Tip: It is always important to buy mattresses along with the bed. This ensures perfection which is key to comfortable bedding solutions.

Californian King Size Mattresses

Another variant of the King Size also known as the Western King Size, these beds are similar in size to the Easter King Size but are 6 inches lesser in width and 4 inches greater in length.

This is generally for people who are taller than 6 feet and require extra comfort during sleep.

Though a King Size will suit people breaching the 6 foot mark, these mattresses are tailor made for people around the 6.5 feet and above.

Queen Size Mattresses

These are smaller beds compared to the King Size but are the most preferred among consumers today.

They measure 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length and have proven to be the perfect bed type four contemporary bedrooms present today.

They occupy just the right size in a room and despite being comfortable and spacious they leave enough space in the room for other stuff.

However, there are several variants of this type of a mattress.

The variation is in the width or the length of the mattress.

There is also the Olympian Queen Size that is greater both in terms of the width and length.

Twin Size Mattresses

Twin size mattresses are single person mattresses which are commonly used for children and in school dormitories.

As the name suggests this is a twin sized bed and is the smallest mattress available in the market.

People who prefer to let their kids sleep alone prefer this type of bed and mattresses and there is another variant to this mattress known Long Twin Size Mattress that is longer than the one mentioned above.

The Twin Size Mattress is around 30 inches in width and 75 inches in length, whereas the longer version is greater in length by around 5 inches.

This means that the longer version is generally used by adults staying alone as it is a better choice compared to the costlier King and Queen Size versions.

Full Size or Double Size Mattresses

The Full Size mattress is a much recent type of mattress that has been designed specially to suit people who aren’t happy with the other double size mattresses.

Though the size of a Queen size seems comfortable, there are people who aren’t really happy and this is where these double size mattresses come into the picture.

They are about 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length and prove to be rather comfortable mattress to say the least.

Useful Tips:

When going for custom made mattresses, it is important to find a good maker, perfection is the key to having a good bed and mattress combination which can be achieved with the best skill.

Hence choosing the right mattress size and the maker is a key step towards great bedding solutions.

Before you begin to buy items to accessorize your bedroom it is important to choose the mattress size.

From there you can choose other accessories that will properly fit into your bed.

Go in for well fitted sheets for a proper and prim fit.

Do not worry much about the flat sheet dimensions as the corners will be tucked away discretely.

Here are a few numbers that are sure to help:

  • King- 78×80 inches
  • Cal King- 72×84 inches
  • Queen- 60×80 inches
  • Full- 54×75 inches
  • Twin- 39×76 inches

The same dimensions can be kept in mind while picking up mattress pads as well.

Before you step out to go bed sheet shopping, do measure your mattress.

Though the numbers above are standard to most companies, these numbers can vary slightly.

Also measure up the height of your mattress as the pocket of a fitted sheet will determine how well the sheet will fit.

Different weaves provide different bedding feels and benefits, the fabric and weave is a personal preference that dictates which sheet is best suited for you.

Feel free to explore all the options the store has, before you choose your bed linen.

It is recommended that you buy 3 sets of sheet, one on the bed, one in the closet and one that needs laundering.

This will ensure you always have fresh linen handy and more sets will minimize extensive wear and tear.

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