How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress

Nothing that quite beats sleeping on a memory foam mattress – until you spill something on it or your pet has an accident.

Although it may seem like cleaning it is an impossible job, you no longer need to be intimidated by the thought of cleaning your mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are surprisingly easy to clean.

The tricky part is that memory foam holds water and because of this, it is incredibly difficult to dry.

There are two methods that you can use to clean memory foam mattresses.

Find out which may work better for you.

step 1

Vacuum the Memory Foam Mattress

The first step is to vacuum your mattress.

You can use either a regular vacuum or a hand-held one with a brush attachment.

This will help you effectively remove dirt or lint and will prevent it from getting ground in.

To make sure that the job is done properly, you should place the bedding outside on a flat surface or on the floor in your bedroom.

step 2

Treat with Solution

First, mix 1/2 cup fabric cleaner and 1 cup water in a spray bottle.

Make sure that you shake well, so that the cleaner is mixed completely before you start spraying.

Next, place the mattress topper or mattress on a tarp near an outdoor water source or in your bathtub.

Spray the memory foam mattress, front and back, with your cleaning solution until entirely covered.

Leave the solution on for 30 to 45 minutes. Rinse off in the shower or with a hose.

step 3

Use a Second Treatment

Mix ¾ cup water with ¼ cup vinegar in the spray bottle and shake well.

Spray the solution on your mattress, making sure that you cover it entirely.

Rinse the mattress; again make sure that you get all of the solution out.

Gently press on the mattress to remove excess water.

Remember that you should not fold or twist the mattress as it may cause permanent damage.

step 4

Dry Completely

To dry the memory foam mattress as much as possible, use a small fan or hair dryer.

Next, leave your mattress in a well-ventilated area or outside to dry.

You may need to leave the mattress this way for 1 or 2 days to make sure that it dries completely.

To help the drying process, use the fan or hair dryer every few hours.

To make the job of cleaning your memory foam mattress easier, recruit someone to help you out.

When memory foam soaks up water, it can get quite dense.

It is likely that you will need an extra set of hands to handle the heavy mattress.

Method Two

With this cleaning method, you will get great results by taking care not to wet the mattress any more than necessary.

A little extra work will be needed to get it dry again, but for the combination of odor and stain removal, you will find that it is well worth the effort.

step 1

Make a solution of ½ cup baking soda, 1 quart hydrogen peroxide and 1 tablespoon dishwashing soap.

Mix it together in a bowl or bucket. Do not make too many suds.

step 2

Pour into a spray bottle.

step 3

Spray the solution on the stain.

On heavier stains, you will need to spray a little more of the solution, particularly if it is urine stains soaked into the foam that you are dealing with.

Also, remember not to wet more of the surface than required.

step 4

For a deep, thorough clean, press down on the wet spot on the foam so that the cleaning solution gets distributed into the mattress where the stain or urine has soaked through.

step 5

Lastly, air dry your memory foam mattress, uncovered.

It will take several hours up to several days for the spot to completely dry.

You can help the mattress dry faster by applying air and heat with a hair dryer, or setting up a fan to blow over the wet area.


As you can see, cleaning a memory foam mattress is pretty easy.

It takes a bit of work, but not as much as you may have initially thought.

The weight of the mattress after it gets wet is the main thing you need to think about.

With the tips above, you can effectively clean your memory foam mattress and get rid of stains and odors.

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